St Peter's Pontifical Institute, Bangalore

St Peter's Pontifical Institute

Bangalore, India


Director : Rev. Dr Jude Nirmal Doss

As per the Statutes of St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute Art 35§4, V (pg.39) the L.Th., L.Ph. and L.C.L. Students “In addition to knowing English and Latin, should have a working knowledge of one of the following languages – French, German, Italian, Spanish or Sanskrit.”
The P. G. students are expected to produce a certificate to that effect before their defence. Until this requirement is fulfilled, their dissertation will not be accepted for defence.
The Institute offers French, German and Italian to all, internal as well as external students. Each course is of three credits. Those who successfully complete one of the above courses will receive a Certificate which is a requirement for all Post Graduate students. In addition to these, courses in classical languages such as Latin and Sanskrit are also offered.

French     : Rev. Dr Amalraj I.
German  : Rev. Dr Jude Nirmal Doss
Italian     : Rev. Dr Anthony Dias
Latin        : Rev. Dr Merlin Rengith Ambrose
Sanskrit  : Rev. Dr Joseph Ethakuzhy