St Peter's Pontifical Institute, Bangalore

St Peter's Pontifical Institute

Bangalore, India


St Peter’s Pontifical Institute offers a Diploma Certificate in PASTORAL ADMINISTRATION. This four-month program provides an overview of pastoral ministry from four dimensions: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Ecclesial and Social that involves administrative and management skills. Listen and view presentations from experts on topics ranging from affective maturity to legal issues to parish security, pastoral planning, accountancy and media.

This course is designed to impart

Inauguration and Orientation Talk


Part I – Intrapersonal Dimension

Challenges in Pastoral Ministry (Pastoral, Psychological, Relational etc) 1
Pastoral Courtesies, Behaviours and Prudence 1
Affective Maturity 2
Mind Management (Being productive) 1
Stress Management (Facing and managing criticisms, loneliness, false accusation, failures, oppositions, conflicts) 1
Priests and Prayer (Spiritual Director etc) 1
Spiritual Accompaniment 1
Medical Care and Personal Hygiene; First Aid 5
Addiction and its effects: Substance abuse, addiction of alcohol, pornography, mobile, etc., de-addiction programmes 1
POCSO Act, Abuse of Minors and Vulnerable Adults 1

Part II – Interpersonal Dimension

Bishop-Priest-Religious Relationship 1
Parish Priest-Assistant Relationship 1
Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Faith Formation through Retreat Preaching 2
Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation 1
New Ecclesial Movements and Pious Associations (Focolare, Neo Catechumenate, Legion of Mary, Vincent De Paul) 4
Starting and Functioning of Small Christian Communities 2
Basic Skills in Pastoral Counselling 6

Part III– Interpersonal Dimension

Biblical Apostolate 2
Catechetical Apostolate 1
Liturgical Apostolate 2
Maintenance of Registers 2
Youth Ministry in the Parish 1
Family Apostolate in the Parish 1
Apostolate Towards Children & Women 1
Priest and Education Ministry (Management of hostels & orphanages [registration…]) 1
Pontifical Mission Societies 1
Social Apostolate and Project Making 1
Mission Orientation, Challenges of Evangelization 1
Pastoral Care to Migrants and Migrant Families 1
Pastoral Care to LGBT Community 1
Pastoral Care to Prisoners and their Families 1
Pastoral Care to Elderly & Differently abled 1
Pastoral Care to Abandoned, Destitute and Orphaned 1

Part IV – Administrative And Management Skills

Parish Administration 2
Fund Raising and Managing in the Parish 1