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Admission to the B. Th. degree course is open to all candidates who have passed the Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy (B. Ph.) or Diploma in Philosophy (Dip. Ph.) or Certificate Course in Philosophy. (C. Ph.). This course comprises of six semesters of theological studies (Three years) leading to B. Th. degree.

SYLLABUS 2023-2024

I Year Theology

First Semester (25 ECTS)

S. CodeSubjectProfessorECTS
BS01Introduction to the Bible & Biblical HermeneuticsJaya Pradeep2
BS09Acts of the ApostlesPrema Vakayil1
BS06Formation of the GospelsMartin George1
BS18Biblical Archaeology (Arch, History of Israel & Geography)Martin George1
BS02PentateuchJoseph Titus2
ST01Introduction to TheologyKulandai Yesu Raja1
ST02Theology of RevelationJude Nirmal Doss2
ST03Theology of FaithJude Nirmal Doss1
ST04ChristologyLawrence A.3
ST23Vatican and Post Vatican DocumentsBp Peter Paul Saldanha1
MT01Fundamentals of Moral Theo. IEugene Sahana2
MT03I, II, III CommandmentsVincent Montheiro2
LC01Liturgical Year and Liturgy of HoursAnthony Dias2
BS17Classical Language I (Biblical Greek)Jaya Pradeep2
SR01Scientific MethodologyJude Nirmal Doss1

Second Semester (25 ECTS)

BS05 Wisdom Literature Joseph Titus 2
BS03 Historical Books David Stanly Kumar 2
BS19 Psalms Joseph Titus 2
BS08 Synoptic Gospels II Jaya Pradeep 2
BS16 Epistle to the Hebrews Jeevan Prasad 1
ST04A Soteriology Lawrence A. 1
ST05 Trinity Simon Pinto 2
ST18 Eco-Theology P. V. Anthony 1
LC06 Catechetics Chinnapparaj 1
MT01 Fundamentals of Moral Theo. II (Conscience) Eugene Sahana 2
MT02 Theological Virtues Richard Britto 2
CL01 Hist. of Canon Law & General Norms Anthony J. 2
LC02 Liturgy of Sacraments & Sacramentals Anthony Dias 2
CH04 Church History – Christian Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages M. Soosai 2
Elective Chinnapparaj Lourdusamy T. Sebastian R. 1
CH01 Patrology Baptist Rodrigues 2
EC Electives Stany Fernandes, Sunil Kumar D’Souza, Anthony Dias 1

II Year Theology

First Semester (25 ECTS)

S.Code Subject Professor ECTS
BS04 Prophets I Joseph Titus 3
BS13A Catholic Epistles Jaya Pradeep 1
ST06 Ecclesiology Simon Pinto 3
ST19 Contextual Theology Kulandai Yesu Raja 2
ST09A Theology of Sacraments Sebastian R. 2
MT05 Marriage (Hist, Bib, Theo, Doc Perspective) Vincent Montheiro 3
CL02 Canon Law: People of God John Abraham 2
LC04 Christian Initiation – II (Liturgy of the Eucharist) Anthony Dias 2
CH02 Church History: The Middle Ages M. Soosai 2
PT01 Pastoral Theology Chinnapparaj 2
PT03 Intro. to Spiritual Theology Joe Cherolickal 1
SC01 BS17 Intro. to Social Communication Classical Language II (Biblical Hebrew) Cyril Victor, David Stanly Kumar 1
BS17 Classical Language II (Biblical Hebrew) David Stanly Kumar 1

Second Semester (25 ECTS)

Course Information
BS04 Synoptic Gospels I (Infancy and Passion Narratives) Prema Vakayil 2
BS08A Synoptic Gospels III (Miracles & Parables) Alfred Joseph 2
BS11 Pauline Corpus I Alfred Joseph 3
ST07 Ecumenism Simon Pinto 2
ST09 Grace and Pneumatology Jude Nirmal Doss 3
ST18 Eco-Theology P. V. Anthony 1
MT06 Social Justice I E. William 2
MT06A Social Justice II (War & Peace) E. William 1
MT10 Human Rights Richard Britto 1
LC03 Christian Initiation Part I (Lit. of Bapt. & Confirmation) Anthony Dias 2
LC05 Oriental Liturgy Moncy Nellikunnel 1
MI02 Introduction to Missiology Stany Fernandes 2
PT03 Consecrated life & Ascetical Theology Jeevan Prasad 1
SE Seminar Jaya Pradeep, Jude Nirmal Doss, Richard Britto 1
SR02 Dissertation 1

III Year Theology

First Semester (25 ECTS)

S.Code Subject Professor ECTS
BS04A Prophets II David Stanly Kumar 3
BS12 Pastoral Letters George Panthalany 1
ST15 Eschatology Jude Nirmal Doss 2
ST12 Ministry & Ministries Stany Ferenandes 2
MT08 Sacrament of Reconciliation I (Bib, Theol. & Ch. Docs.) James Kumar 2
MT07 Sexual Ethics Baiju Julian 2
CL03 Temporal Goods/Sanctions Sunil D/Merlin R. A. 2
CL04 Marriage: Moral & Canonical Aspects Lourdusamy T. 2
CH03 Indian Church History Simon Pinto 2
CH03 Church History: From Reformation to Contemporary Times M. Soosai 2
MI03 Theo. of Dialogue with Religion, Cultures & Atheism Stany Fernandes 2
MI01 Communalism & Interfaith Dialogue Bp Lawrence Pius 2
PT05 Spirituality of Diocesan Clergy Chinnapparaj 1

Second Semester (25 ECTS)

BS11 Pauline Corpus II David Stanly Kumar 2
BS10 Johannine Literature Jaya Pradeep 3
BS11 The Book of Revelation Prema Vakayil 1
ST11 Theology of Eucharist Lawrence A. 3
ST13 God-Man-World Theology Jude Nirmal Doss 2
ST17 Theology of the Laity Bp Lawrence Pius 1
ST08 Mariology Jude Nirmal Doss 2
ST16 Pastoral Care & Anointing of the Sick Anthony Dias 1
MT08 The Sacrament of Reconciliation II (Moral, Can.& Past.) Amalraj I. 2
MT09 Bio-Ethics Christopher Vimal 2
MT10 Obedience & Truthfulness (Comm.IV & VIII) Richard Britto 1
CL05 Processes Arockiaraj Satis Kumar 2
SC02 Communication & Synthesis of Theology Simon Pinto 2
ICL02 Contracts and Specific Performances Ransa Vasanthi 1

Evaluation of Courses


Grade Range Pass Mark
Pass 40
III Class 41-59
II Class 60-69
I Class 70-79
Distinction 80 and above

Mark Grading - Credit System

From the academic year 2010-2011 the awarding of the marks for the examinations for the Philosophy and the Theology students will be according to the new ECTS as follows:

3 ECTS (100) 2 ECTS (70) 1 ECTS(40)
Pass 40 28 16
III Class 41-59 29-41 17-23
II Class 60-69 42-48 24-27
I Class 70-79 49-55 28-31
Distinction 80-90 56-63 32-36
Max Marks 90 63 36
Int. Assessment 20 14 08

The dates of the second session of examinations are indicated in the calendar. Maximum marks can be awarded in the second session are as follows:

3 ECTS (100) 2 ECTS (70) 1 ECTS(40)
Pass 69 48 27

Presentation of Dissertations

The candidate has to register his/her topic of dissertation by submitting to the Registrar the duly filled-in form of registration after having obtained the signature of his / her moderator. ¨

Dissertation should be typed in white paper of good quality and sufficient opacity. All sheets of paper used should be of the same quality. Manifold paper should not be used.

“A4” size paper should be used for dissertation. The text of the dissertation should be typed with 1.5” line spacing, except in the case where quotations are given in indent. A space of 1.5” on the left margin and a space of 1” on the right margin should be kept. A space of 1” should be kept on the top and the bottom of the page. Dissertation should be typed only on one side of the paper. Number of Pages: The dissertation should be of 45-60 pages including the Bibliography and the Appendix. The B. Th students should submit two copies of their dissertation on the date prescribed in the calendar. The cover page shall have the format approved by the Institute. A dissertation submitted without following the above requirements will not be accepted.