St Peter's Pontifical Institute, Bangalore

St Peter's Pontifical Institute

Bangalore, India

Fee Structure
Per year Per year
Diploma, B.Th., B.Ph. Faculty Faculty 3500.00
Library 3500.00
Licentiate Faculty 7000.00
Library 4500.00
Doctorate Faculty 9000.00
Library 5900.00
Extension Course 1000.00
Pastoral Year Fees 22650.00
Foreign Languages (French, German, Italian) 3500.00
Biblical Languages (Hebrew & Greek) 7000.00
Statement of Marks 600.00
Application Form 750.00
Registration Fee 700.00
Identity Card 700.00
Exam Fees 2700.00
Administrative Fees 3500.00
Degree Certificates
Doctorate 3500.00
In absentia 4000.00
Licentiate in Canon Law 9000.00
Post-Graduate 2500.00
In absentia 2500.00
Graduate 1200.00
In absentia 1500.00
Certificates and Diplomas 800.00
In absentia 900.00
Defence Fees
Licentiate 9000.00
Doctorate 19000.00

The LicentiateinCanonLaw students have to pay the certificate fee aspertheamountdetermined by the Pontifical Urban University, Rome.
The fees for the certificate will be collected along with the course feesat the beginning of the thirdyear.The students will meet by themselves the expenseson foreignlanguage course books and other materials.