An important element of the policy KL also cover the cost of the rescue operation. If so you will need to transport us from the top of the mountain with the help of a helicopter, to lead action in exploration or rescue in the mountains carry us a sled or toboggan – the insurer will pay for all these activities, provided of course, that our policy is expected, and the cost of the operation will not exceed the sum of insurance (worth carefully study the contents of the General Conditions before purchasing the policy). The insurance company also will pay for our transportation – to the hospital, doctor or domu.zobacz also on vacation is not worth saving on insurance »The second element of the policy is a ski accident insurance (NNW). Thanks to the insurer will pay us compensation for damage to health, which have experienced during the trip covered by the policy (or sport). In the case of our death – Compensation will be given to our bliskim.Po Third, this type of insurance cover liability insurance (OC). If the skiing wyrządzimy harm another skier, will cause damage to their health or destroy his equipment, the company will pay compensation. It is worth remembering that the OC in private life also applies to people under our care work so when our child will break borrowed ski equipment or cause an accident on the fourth stoku.Po, Assistance, which in many insurance policies is an optional extended an additional fee.

What gives Assistance? Help and support in the event of an accident. So, if after treatment, you will not be immediately able to go home – the insurer will pay the cost of staying in a hotel. You do it also, when you will go to the hospital, and a loved one will be willing to accompany you. He works too, because of an accident when you have to cancel holidays and faster return to domu.Po fifth, insurance baggage and sports equipment. It not only works if your lost suitcase at the airport, and ski equipment is stolen.

If as a result of an accident or damage destroy ski snowboard – the insurer will pay you compensation or cover the costs of rented sprzętu.Część available on the insurance market of tourism and sports also includes an additional option of legal protection, which will come in handy as a result of their actions break the rules and you come in conflict with local laws. Will also help when you bump into on the slopes with another skier, but did not reach agreement as to who is guilty wypadkowi.Poza mentioned, the most general elements of travel insurance, many companies offer special packages for skiers and additional facilities in them. These include, for example: • cover the costs of lift pass, which can not be used due to illness or accident (Warta Travel, Package Ski Plus) • payment of 40 zlotys for each day on which due to bad weather, the insured could not descend skiing (Warta Travel, Ski Plus package), • cover the purchase of basic food hygiene and, in the event of delay delivery of luggage (AXA Sports Travel, PZU Wojażer) .See also: accident on the slope: not every insurance policy provides compensation »Insurance skiers – is it worth it to buy? If an accident occurs on the Polish slopes, get the health care and domestic – as the insured person – use of the comprehensive medical care. When an accident happens outside the Polish in one of the countries of the European Union or associated countries, also as citizens insured in the EU, will receive comprehensive assistance under the EHIC (the list of countries in which the force is available here) so it is worth .Czy insure against such a departure? – It insure against any ski holidays – says Magdalena Oszczak, manager. Product sales and risk assessment at AXA TUiR. – If an accident happens in the country, the most we could use a variant of insurance liability, which will cover the cost of damages when someone wyrządzimy property damage or personal – he adds.

Treatment costs are covered by the National Health Fund, while the money from the policy contained in the accident can be helpful, if it turns out that we are rehabilitacja.- longer amount of compensation we receive depends on the degree of damage to health, which means that they will be more serious accident , the greater the amount the insurance company will pay us – explains Margaret Skibińska from Aviva. Information on the amount of benefits can be found in each contract and on the websites of insurers. What if I already have accident insurance, which is a part of our life insurance? It should carefully check whether it also includes trips related to winter sports, because many companies not included in the policy of this type aktywności.W Alps or the Dolomites only policy! Ski plans to go abroad is undoubtedly a good choice to start from the insurance policy.

Of course, you must also get a card EHIC, but the protection it gives, may be insufficient. – EHIC card gives you access to free services only in the dimension in which they are free for citizens of the country to which you are going – explains Margaret Skibińska Avivy.Przykładowo of France, in some cases, we will have to pay from their own pockets as much as 20 percent. the cost of treatment, because such rules in force there. And the cost of treatment in European countries most visited by Polish skiers are often truly astronomical. – When you turn or break a leg, standard outpatient procedure, ie diagnostics, X-ray, MRI, stiffening legs can cost us even 2-3 thousand euros – says Magdalena Oszczak, manager. Product sales and risk assessment at AXA also TUiR.zobacz: Departure skiing abroad? It is worth to buy an insurance policy “- When a leg injury proves to be serious, we will have to be transported by ambulance to the Polish, it cost another 2,000 euros. People with stiffened legs are often not allowed on board the aircraft.

If you will need immediate surgery and hospitalization, each day of stay in the hospital can cost us up to 1 thousand euros – will do wylicza.Polisa also true salvation, when we will have to enlist the help of mountain rescue, and will require us to find the search action. In Poland, for helping GOPR or TOPR not have to pay so many skiers do not realize that the cost of such operations abroad are enormous. – The rescue on a mountain slope and fly by helicopter to the hospital will cost even 5000 euros – says Magdalena Oszczak AXA. In this case, the EHIC does not cover the cost of the stock, so if you do not insure the appropriate amount, we will have to cover the expenses of its own kieszeni.Na what to look for? How to choose a policy? The choice of travel insurance for the skier may seem rather complicated task, because at first glance, several insurance companies are very similar. All costs include after treatment (KL), insurance against accidents (NNW) and OC in private life, and as an option also the basic or additional assistance and insurance bagażu.Prawdziwy but the devil is in the details. The first thing we have to necessarily pay attention before you will buy insurance, the insurance amount – the higher of course, the safer we feel during the trip.

Let us not be fooled by a dizzying sums in US dollars, remember that what in Poland is available for free, in the countries of Europe may cost us several thousand euros. – 30 thousand euro is now the bare minimum when it comes to the sum insured for medical expenses, but are available on the market policy, amounting to 100 or even 150 thousand euros – says Magdalena Oszczak AXA TUiR.Po Secondly, the costs of rescue and transport – if you will buy an insurance policy, you will be charged for that amount even when an accident occurs in an EU country, and we have a valid EHIC card. It is noteworthy that the sum insured on transport costs, which often occurs in the policy, as a subtotal cost of treatment. Most insurers normally propose the amount of 5 or 6 thousand euros, although the company is also proposing insurance without quota restrictions – eg. SKI Package Plus in Warta, which in the event of an accident provides us with free transportation from the proverbial “end of the world.” This is a crucial point of the entire insurance contract, so let’s read GCI (general insurance conditions) very, very dokładnie.zobacz also EHIC is not enough. It is better to take out additional insurance »The third thing is our individual requirements regarding the way in which we intend to spend their winter holidays on the slopes. If you want to go skiing outside the official route – take care that our insurance and also included this option. If you plan to have more extreme types of skiing, arriving at very high altitudes, we choose to ski or snowboard competition – let’s be sure that the policy will protect us when something bad happens.

Ideally, our insurance agent przestawmy your requirements and let us ask about choosing the appropriate polisy.Największym mistake we can make is to select the cheapest policy, and guided by price alone. Important is the sum insured and the scope of the policy, and the apparent saving a few dozen gold may in the event of damage to health więcej.Na cost us a lot of luck – as emphasized Magdalena Oszczak AXA TUiR, Poles more wisely choose the insurance policies and are becoming better aware of the cost of treatment, which They apply in Europe and beyond nią.Co to do when an accident occurs? First of all, stay calm, to undergo the necessary medical and … proceduro enjoy that thought in advance with good insurance. It is also worth as soon as possible to contact our insurance company by calling the stated in the policy (or website) phone number. The insurer will take care of all formalities and make provision for medical procedures, and we will not have to pay with their own money, and the whole non-cash settlement will be made between the medical facility and the insurance company. Then the whole process will be faster, simpler and less troublesome, and we will be able to focus on recovery and return to the time of reporting damage zdrowia.W phone, the insurer immediately instruct us exactly what we have to do, also provide information about other areas of our policy, so tell you how to cover the cost of damaged equipment or arrange a rental accommodation in the hotel for people who accompany us on the trip.

Also we get support and help in polskim.Źródło: The answer to this question is not simple. Certainly nothing in the situation of Ms Joanna will not change to use the car for five years in the company. Although there are some possibilities to avoid both PIT and VAT on sales, it seems, she should think of them a little earlier. It is not easy to avoid the PIT is virtually certain that it will have to pay income tax on the occasion of the proceeds of sales. As a rule, the amount for which the car is sold, it will be because the assets of the company, and this should be taxed.

It does not matter for five years. Moreover, little would change the situation in which the car would be withdrawn from the business and transferred to private purposes. On the occasion of such a transfer would be no question of the PIT and the taxpayer would only have to prepare handover of the equipment and plot records. But then there would be a problem, because that would pay tribute, and when sold after five years. To avoid income tax, it may have to pass at least 6 years from the first of the month following that in which the car was withdrawn from the business. In a situation in which there is Joanna, thus avoiding the PIT will be virtually impossible. It should be borne in mind that if you do not yet fully cushioned vehicle, and by the way the sales revenue rise to taxation, it may be unamortised portion of the cost of a single company on the date of the sale of the car.

However, if it is already fully depreciated, the income tax should be deducted from the full value. VAT capabilities much better situation on the basis of tax on goods and services. As a general rule for the sale of a company car Joanna should charge VAT regardless of whether the purchase you can deduct all or part of the tax. In theory, it would help the system introduced adjustments to the VAT Act. It allows businesses to recover part of the tax not deducted on acquisition – pay to get assignments done if the sale occurs within five years (ie. 60 months) of the purchase.

The idea is that if a trader sells a car, from which only part of the tax deducted, such disposal is treated as a change of use of a mixed use on a vehicle exclusively for business. It gives the right to recover part of the additional tax. In relation to cars worth up to 15 thousand. zł correction is possible, if it comes to selling them within 12 months of purchase. Anyway, in this situation it’s been five years, and the correction does not come into play. But there are other opportunities to get preferences in the sale. First, the tax-free supply of goods used solely for the purposes of an activity exempt from tribute.

It is a condition to the acquisition, importation or manufacture of such goods to the seller is not entitled to the right to deduct VAT. It is very restrictive but at the same time to meet clear conditions. So if, for example. Joanna bought the car from a private individual and used it only for business purposes free of VAT (eg. Training), it could avoid tax on the sale. That is, however, in practice it can be difficult. The second possibility?

There may already be simpler. The entrepreneur always has the right to withdraw the vehicle, after the company and give it free for personal purposes. If you have not given him the right to deduct tax when buying a car, it’s such a transfer will not be taxed. Then, if you decide to sell it, there is no VAT. There will in fact act as a taxpayer of this tribute, and the world simply dispose of private wealth. How will it look like in practice?

If our reader withdraw the car from the company, and with its acquisition of a few years earlier not entitled to the right to deduct tribute, it also will not charge tax on the transaction. The subsequent sale of the car is connected only to the payment of 2 percent. CLAT. Such an obligation is, however, the buyer and not the seller. Perhaps Joanna margin should be interested in one more way to profitable sale of the car. He would charge VAT on the sale of only a small amount or even to avoid this obligation. As for the margin scheme, in which tribute of goods and services can be settled only on the difference (net of tax) amounts between vehicle sales and its purchase.

The basis for such taxation is Art. 120 paragraph. 4 of the VAT Act. It applies to businesses selling second-hand goods, works of art, collectibles and antiques acquired in the course of business in order to resell them. Additional condition to take advantage of the margin scheme is enshrined in Article. 120 paragraph. 10 of the Act.

It shows that a used car had to be pre-purchased from certain subjects – mostly individuals and VAT payers, who sold it as used goods. So if these conditions are met, the reader proves that the car (although used in the company) was designed for its subsequent resale, it will have the right to settle margin.

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