O Sing the great Apostle In mem’ry of the Rock The basis of that Fabric
Which fears not tempest’s shock To our Creator’s glory That festal chant shall burst
We praise the Second Shepherd To glorify the First.

 O Peter, light of doctrine and torch of holy love, The very type of fervour and wisdom from above
O sing the great Apostle…….

Type too of sad transgression the fruit of faithless fears, And from the lapse uprisen of penitential tears.
O sing the great Apostle……

Thou from the Cross didst follow thy Master to the skies, And O be thou our leader that we too there may be.
O sing the great Apostle…….

 By our good shepherd’s merits and by his saving pray’s Thy trespass – laden people Eternal Shepherd spare.
O sing the great Apostle……..