F or application forms and Conduct or Provisional certificates one should apply to the Registrar at least one week in advance. Application for admission with the required documents should be addressed to the Registrar.

L eave of absence: All the students are expected to attend the classes regularly. In case of absence for valid reasons, the student should produce a leave slip duly signed by his / her Superior / Guardian and if the student is absent continuously for more than three days, a letter from the Superior / Guadian is required.

A t the end of every course, students are to evaluate the course by filling up the evaluation forms, which the Student Representative shall hand over to the President.

I n order to obtain the Statement of Marks, the candidate must make a written request to the Controller of Examinations at least fifteen days in advance. Urgent demands will not be entertained.

F ees should be paid before the end of June / July by the Graduate and the Post – Graduate students respectively.

Secretary : Sr Pavithra Gurram
  • Working Hours :
  • |
  • 8.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
  • 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Fee Structure (Per year)

Diploma, B.Th., B.Ph. Faculty 2500.00
Library 2500.00
M.Th., M.C.L., M.Ph. Faculty 5000.00
Library 3500.00
Doctorate Faculty 6000.00
Library 4500.00
Extension Course 500.00
Pastoral Course 2000.00
Foreign Languages (French, German, Italian) 2500.00
Biblical Languages (Hebrew & Greek) 5000.00
Statement of Marks 400.00
Application Form 250.00
Registration Fee 300.00
Identity Card 300.00
Exam Fees 1300.00
Miscellaneous 1500.00

Degree Certificates:

Doctorate 2500.00
In absentia 3000.00
M.C.L. 8000.00
Post-Graduate 1500.00
In absentia 1600.00
Graduate 800.00
In absentia 900.00
Certificates and Diplomas 600.00
In absentia 700.00
Defence Fees
M.Th./M.C.L. 7000.00
Doctorate 15000.00
The MCL students have to pay the certificate fee as per the amount determined by the Pontifical Urban University, Rome. The fees for the certificate will be collected along with the course fees at the beginning of the third year. The students will meet by themselves the expenses on foreign language course books and other materials.